Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Graces the September Issue of ELLE

On the September issue of Elle, the very beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart graces will be gracing its cover. Dressed in Chanel, the 24 year old actress poses in front of peanut butter, soda, tuna cans and other organic farm produce at West Hill’s Fields Market in California, which is near her home; turning the everyday supermarket shelves into breathtaking backdrops for her photo shoot.

Kristen Stewart Elle 2014

In her cover story, she talks about how hard it has been for her to have a private life, especially after her phenomenal appearance in Twilight that left her a darling of many, and a favorite of the paparazzi. She confesses that she is never a people pleaser, and doesn’t intend to, and that’s why you’ll never see her smile in any of the paparazzi photos.

“Now I feel like if I smiled for the paparazzi photo, not that I ever would, that’s exactly what people would be desecrating me for.” She says. Instead, she prefers to shun all the noise and be herself, and at times, even prefers hanging out and chatting with strangers, all day long!

In regards to her career, she simply lets it evolve naturally. She discloses that she has never sat down and plotted how she ought to proceed.

“As soon as you start thinking about your career as a trajectory, like as if you’re going to miss out in some wave or momentum, then you’re never doing anything for yourself anyway.”

About Twilight, how did she get to know that it was going to be a hit?

“The day the movie came out, there was a picture of me in the New York Post, I think. I was sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and dog and I was like, Oh shit! Well, I have to be aware of that.”

A full fashion feature and interview with the star on Elle will be available from August 12th to 19th, both digitally and on the newsstands.

Photo credit : Michael Thompson / Elle

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