Two in the Chamber: Top Tips to Follow When Wearing Bullet Cufflinks

The highlights of a man’s business suit and overall professional attire include the stylish yet elegant accessories that he decides to wear along with it. After an unfamiliar bystander sees a man walking by them in a stylish suit, the first thing that they might notice is the actual suit itself.


However, their eyes and train of thought will quickly move towards the accessories that he decided to use in order to complement the suit, according to One of the most important types of accessories that should always be worn by the man in a suit that truly wants to make an impression is a set of stylish yet contemporary cufflinks, such as bullet cufflinks. However, when wearing them, there are several tips that the average man must always remember and follow closely.

The Importance of a Proper Fit

Keep in mind that cufflinks date back to a time when you could tell a lot about a man’s financial status and his overall way of life specifically by the way that he dressed. Everything had to fit properly and look dignified when wearing a stylish suit of any kind. Cufflinks were designed to be used like icing on the cake. They were not tacky or incorrectly placed within the cuff of a man’s dress shirt. These are the same standards of proper dress and fitting that you need to uphold when wearing your bullet cufflinks to modestly accentuate your outfit.

It Must Go Through Both Ends

It is true that there are many different sets and styles of cufflinks that are available on the market today that do not go through both ends of the cuffed sleeve. For example, there are many different basic styles and patterns that consist of just one flat metal end instead of two. Wearing these particular types of cufflinks is a huge mistake that should never be committed. Even if purchasing a set of stylish bullet cufflinks might be out of your projected budget right now, going with a basic, affordable set of solid-color cufflinks that go through both ends of the sleeve is a much better option than going with the one-sided link.

Do Not Forget a Backup

You might take pride in the one deluxe set of cufflinks that you own and you might look forward to pulling the cufflinks out every single chance that you can to accentuate your outfit. That one set could possibly be the only set of cufflinks that you own, primarily because you do not see the need to purchase an additional pair. This is yet another major mistake that should never be committed. The vast majority of the men who put their trust in owning just one set of cufflinks are forced to learn the hard way that they should always have a backup set ready to go just in case, according to

Keep in mind that even the fanciest cufflinks are simply just clips that can easily fall off at any time, especially if you are the type of person who uses your hands a lot. If you do not want to become a fashionably-challenged eyesore when you happen to lose one of those links, then you should always have a backup set ready and waiting in your pocket or even in your car.

Handle With Care

When you are investing your hard-earned money into stylish accessories such as bullet cufflinks, it is imperative for you to handle them with care. Keep them clean and classy, using a protective case to store them in between uses in order to keep them safe, secured and together as a complete set.

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