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Have you ever wanted to be friends with a Reality Star? Yes? Well, we can’t help you there. But if you wanted to find new friends to hang out with and discuss
celebrities, we may have found something useful.
This is a hyper-connected world, but we’re still pretty clueless about forming real life connections. With so many people online, where do you even begin to
look for lasting friendship?
The founders of Pal think that you should begin with their app.

Let’s say you want to go to the movies but don’t have anyone to go with you. Maybe you’re new in town, or your friends don’t understand your love for the
starring actor. Wouldn’t it be nice to immediately find other fans nearby and form a party?
Social media friends rarely transition to real-life buddies. Which is why Pal isn’t interested in adding names to a generic friends list.
Whether you want to catch a concert or grab a coffee to discuss your favourite celebrities, this app wants to help you make friends around you in an organic
way that creates lasting connections.

It’s a straightforward app. You create a profile, then post an activity.
Maybe you want to go to a book-signing or catch something at your local theatre. Pal puts you in touch with people nearby as keen on meeting that author or
catching the latest blockbuster as you.
They click to join the activity, you plan a meet-up, and ta-da, you’re getting to know some new people and bonding over the celebrities you love.

If you can’t think of an activity, just scroll through Pal’s local feed to see what other users nearby want to do that day. You’ll find that there are always others
who enjoy what you do.
Most social apps these days are thinly veiled dating grounds. So, maybe you’re worrying about unwanted messages from stranger clogging up your inbox.
Don’t. Pal is truly dedicated to helping you make friends around you. So, they ensure that you have full control over who can contact you.
Would you prefer to have an all female meet up? Or maybe you want to make sure that only people your own age turn up? Pal lets you adjust your preferences,
so the people you want in your circle will be the ones to see your activity.
The app’s popularity with women and LGBTQ community is a testament to how well the safeguards function!
Yes, this will probably become your newest favourite social app. Even when you’re not looking for new faces to hangout with, the app makes itself useful by
letting you plan outings with your own friends or family.
Pal fosters a safe, vibrant social culture that makes meeting new people exciting. Find others as crazy about movies and TV stars as you and have fun bonding.
Your new best friend could be one activity away.

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