Using The Best Pedicure Tools

Everyone should treat themselves to a manicure from time to time. However, what tools are the best kind for a good manicure? What do you need and what should you use? With the summer coming up, women want to show off their hands and feet. Salon type tools can provide the best for a perfect manicure at home.

1* Firstly, remove all nail polish and clean your nails. Be careful when cleaning your nails with something sharp because you can sometimes hurt them accidentally. A toothbrush can be useful when cleaning the nails. Once the nails are thoroughly clean you can go on to the next step.

2* Soak your feet and hands in a gentle soak. Make sure the water is at the right temperature. You may wish to use a foot bath with aromatherapy oils in the water. It can be very relaxing to soak your nails. If you haven’t got a foot bath, a simple bowl will suffice. You may want to add Epsom salt to help smooth rough skin. Make sure you soak your feet for at least, ten minutes.

3* Clip nails straight across, in one, simple movement. Always be careful when clipping your nails, that you do not cut them too short. Ingrowing toe nails can occur if you cut your nails too short.

4* File your nails gently, in one, long stroke. Always file your nails from the side to the center of the nail. Use the shaping, coarse side first to get rid of extra nail. Next, use the finer side to smooth your nails out. Your nails should have a triangular shape or oval, but not pointed. Keeping them this shape, will prevent them from breaking. If you file your nails too low into the corners and sides, then it can weaken them.

5* Push back your cuticles, then clean under the nails. Sometimes, your nails may bleed when pushing the cuticles back.

6* Buff rough skin away to make sure you will have a soft, smooth finish. Hydrate your nails with a lotion.

7* Apply a neutral shade will mean that small smudges and chips are not as noticeable.

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