Uzumaki: 5 Spine-Chilling Horror Manga You Should Read Before Watching Upcoming Anime

Horror is not a positive emotion, while legions still love devouring horror media, pursuing the titillation and arousal it provides without revealing themselves to any risk. Japanese horror is an eccentric genre, that launched into the mainstream long ago. These manga pieces would surely petrify the enthusiasts, deep diving into the works of the most spine-chilling, infamous context the world has to offer.

Berserk  Kentarou Miura dark fantasy genre
Berserk (41 Volumes, 364 Chapters) by Kentarou Miura in the dark fantasy genre

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5. Fraction (1 Volume, 12 Chapters)

Most exclusive horror manga idealists are familiar with the insanity-driven works of Shintaro Kago, an overlord of the bizarre and gnarly ero-guro genre. His hypnotic, unpredictable, and brutal tales are infamous for their erotic gore, un-imaginable plotline, and horrific remarks on manga as a form of artistic expression.

Fraction Shintaro Kago ero-guro genre
Fraction (1 Volume, 12 Chapters) by Shintaro Kago in ero-guro genre

Shintaro’s nominative manga Fraction is a holy experience except for being a grotesque serial killer plot. This work challenges the reader’s expectations with crafty plays and produces something unorthodox and trembling.

4. Fuan No Tane (3 Volumes, 72 Chapters)

Japanese myths and superstitions are remarkable sources of inspiration for manga artists. Fuan no Tane is amongst the most horrific and ghoulish series under Masaaki Nakayama’s anthology. We can explore the edges of pure terror and Japanese spirits and wraiths.

Fuan No Tane  Masaaki Nakayama supernatural horror
Fuan No Tane (3 Volumes, 72 Chapters) by Masaaki Nakayama in supernatural horror

The tales in Fuan No Tane have no relation to each other, pursuing different characters exploring disturbing and uncanny situations, often incapable of escaping their horrific fates. Flawlessly creepy, doesn’t require hours to invest, and yet gives unsettling chills to the audience.

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3. You Will Hear The Voice Of The Dead
(12 Volumes, 79 Chapters)

You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead is one of the most assorted manga by Sachiko Uguisu, mixing the humor of enlightening life and extremely grotesque terrors, elevating infinite disturbing art style. Jun Kishida, the story’s protagonist is a school kid with an unspeakable ability- communicating with the dead.

You Will Hear The Voice Of The Dead  Sachiko Uguisu  mystry horror genre
You Will Hear The Voice Of The Dead (12 Volumes, 79 Chapters) by Sachiko Uguisu in the mystery horror genre

One of the spirits tags along with him, and his childhood friend, Ryoko Hayakawa, develops spooky tenderness for Jun. Ryoko starts serving him and as the boy seeps more profoundly into the world of the supernatural finding it extremely gruesome.

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2. Blood On The Tracks (15 Volumes, 139 Chapters)

Shuzo Oshimi’s Blood on the Tracks lingers in the reader’s mind without any urge for horrific startlement or ghastly monsters. The plot revolves around a psychological terror, following an average boy named Seiichi Osabe and his overprotective mother, Seiiko.

Blood On The Tracks Shuzo Oshimi psychological horror genre
Blood On The Tracks (15 Volumes, 139 Chapters) by Shuzo Oshimi in the psychological horror genre

Seiichi discovers that his mother’s possessiveness is an indicator of a much darker mental disorder. The unstable and abusive Seiko imprisons the boy as he struggles to escape.

1. Uzumaki (3 Volumes, 19 Chapters)

Junji Ito’s name is famously renowned for this exquisite body ghor, selective and terrorizing artwork, and magnificent story narration. It withholds the title of the true legends of the horror genre by creating myriads of Unforgettable stories of gore and terror.

Uzumaki has set the standard for the horror manga genre, by far Ito’s most eccentric work. This labyrinth of captivating plots of insanity brings something as mundane as unassuming as spirals and transforms them into an origin of fear and dementia. Uzumaki is the epitome of haunting paranoia-induced anxiety, illustrating the grandeur of its creator’s imagination.

Uzumaki Junji Ito horror genre
Uzumaki (3 Volumes, 19 Chapters) by Junji Ito in the horror genre

Spine-Chilling Horror Manga

On March 19, 2023, by Maria Remizova: Horror is one genre in which manga surpasses most other mediums, including anime. Despite the often gruesome and disgusting subject matter, horror manga continues to attract courageous readers, and the number of outstanding titles in the genre only grows. This list was updated to include even more horror manga that will make even the hearts of most stoic fans skip a beat.

J-horror broadcasts are worshipped all across the world and appreciated for their conjuring Japanese horror video games. Moreover, the most varied and intricate from the spine-chilling horrors of Uzumaki by Junji Ito to Shintaro Kago’s world-famous psychological thrillers.

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