Vanessa Hudgens swimsuit

Isn’t she gorgeous?From my opinion Vanessa it’s one of the most sexiest girls ever!I know she looks beautiful wharever clothes she wears,and her beauty brings a lot of joy into your life.Although her boobs are not so helpful,her other features put her on the top lines.I was thinking how long does it takes to be a star like Vanessa?A few years,months,days?Hmm…I am sure that for her didn’t took much..or maybe she had a little help to became what she is today.Nowadays almost every girl want to be a star so they can have a luxury life..blablabla.An advice for them,being a star ain’t easy!You will have so much work to do that you won’t have time to think at yourself.You will ask yourself’What have I became” and you will remember the days when you’ve spent your time with family and friends whom you don’t have time for now.To become a star you don’t need to be a dummy,first you have to study and also you need to be gifted which it’s the main step.Girls like Vanessa have at least one feature that help them to become what they are today,so girls don’t waste your time!

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