Vanessa Hudgens’ Unretouched Bongo Fall 2014 campaign

This might not have been the first time for Vanessa Hudgens working with Bongo (a junior’s brand available at Kmart and Sears), but its definitely a breakthrough for the 25 year old American actress cum singer. It is undeniable on the way Vanessa has always been true to her unique sense of style, probably weighed by her carefree spirit of being herself. She has made a comeback as the face of Bongo for their marketing advert dubbed Vanessa Hudgens’ Unretouched Bongo campaign.


The ads shots genuinely expose Vanessa’s natural beauty as this is Bongo’s theme for the campaign. The images shown are Vanessa’s natural and according to Bongo there is no photoshop here, completely unretouched shots. With her healthy and fit body, her amazing long blonde hair, a superlative cheekbones than what is usually seen of her, and plenty of fashion clad from Bongo, Vanessa is the real icon of authenticity and genuine beauty. This goes a long way to inspire the main objective of the campaign.

From the campaign shots, Vanessa’s body is just hers, no slimming of the waist has been done, no limbs chopped off and her pores clearly seen from the photos. This remains just an exclusively excellent way to pass the campaign’s message of keeping a real personality and no extra job or retouching the natural.

The campaign is aimed at inspiring young girls to love their natural features and feel comfortable in their skin. They should employ confidence in their images and not fill them with extensions of beauty especially in this era of numerous photoshops applications and Instagram filters. Vanessa Hudgens admits that she is indeed comfortable than ever in her Bongo clothes and through that confidence within her is built. Bongo arguably did not miss off the pitch by partnering with this beautiful actress to pass such an inspiring positive message to all the young girls out there. She further reinstates that her real beauty shines from within her, very emphatic and awesome campaign.

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