Vera Wang’s Wacky White Wedding Wear

The eagerly anticipated Vera Wang Spring 2015 Bridal Collection is presented in a video which is somewhat Gothic in flavor, offering a series of exquisite gowns in delicate lace and tulle displayed on models who would not look out of place in a horror movie. The anaemic-looking girls pose in an eerie series of spooky sets, which nevertheless don’t detract from the edgy originality of the designs.

vera wang bridal 2015

Wang has returned to white, after her adventures in black and pink, and the more traditional shades and fabrics will probably widen their appeal. She expects them to catch on as more everyday wear too: ‘Hopefully, people will realize that these dresses can be worn for anything. They just happen to be white.’

The styles range from fairy tale princess to modern slinky. Some are sexy and seductive, such as the Chantilly lace see-through gown, or a simple figure-hugging number with either a low V-neck or tight strapless bodice. Another outfit features a bra top and voluminous tulle skirt, and some skirts flare in fishtail fashion.
The more traditional styles include the familiar A-line shape with billowing skirt and structured bodice, or an asymmetric look to the bodice with a single shoulder strap and delicate floral patterning, with a ballerina skirt. A similar fabric is used in a strapless tight-fitting gown. Other styles feature criss-crossed straps, cobwebby fabric, and ruched or smooth satin bodices.


One thing holds true of the Vera Wang Spring 2015 Bridal Collection: the designs are undeniably feminine and flattering. Although she has chosen to display them with a dark cast in the video, if you can look past the grungy girls and envisage the gowns in a different context they would obviously appeal to many brides-to-be and, if Wang has her way,to women simply wanting a stunning white dress for summer parties and celebrations.

Photos credit : Vera Wang

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