Versace Introduce Their Own 2013 Swimwear Line

Whilst Versace had a fantastic collection of swim wear with H&M, until now they have never had a collection of their own. The fantastic, new beachwear collection has amazing elements such as the Medusa logo, vibrant prints and Greek motifs. The beach-ready collection includes items such as; cover-ups, bathing suits and a lot more, besides!


While Versace did have an adorable collection of bathing suits with H&M, Versace has never had a collection of their own until now! Versace has been running for 35 years and has never released a swimwear collection before. In the past, there has been a lack of swimwear from Versace.

The Versace collection is quite stunning with amazing pieces that stand alone. Women will appreciate the way each item flatters the figure and brings out their best features. Versace seem to know how to make clothing that is shapely, feminine and makes a statement.

Most often called Versace, the brand stands alone as a high quality Italian design firm. In 2000, Versace opened their first fashion boutique. The popularity of the brand was immediate and it is now a recognized, household name. When the little black Versace dress became popular by Elizabeth Hurley, the brand was launched to new limits. It quickly became a name that people recognized and was sought after.

On July 15, 1997, Andrew Cunanan killed Gianni Versace. His sister Donatella Versave, stepped up to the role of creative director soon after his death. Santo Versace, Gianni’s older brother, became CEO. Despite the great loss of Gianni Versace, the fashion house continued growing in strength. The cost of buying a Versace item is quite hefty, but each item is created to the highest standards. Versace Couture has high-end, often hand crafted watches, jewelry, fragrances, handbags, make-up and household furniture. Today, we see the release of the brand new line, swim wear. This is a big move for Versace and it should prove very popular.

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