Victoria Beckham launches ‘uniform’ line for Spring 2015

Victoria Beckham is completing the transition from “footballer’s wife” to entrepreneur soon, with the coming opening of her first store in London. And of course, to fill that store with clothes to be sold, she’s opted to bring out a new line of: Uniforms?

victoria beckam uniforms 2015

No, there won’t be fashion for the school-aged, tie-clad, uniformed hipsters. Victoria might be playing on her husband’s famous footballing past, but her concept of uniforms isn’t a literal one by any means. If anything, these are uniforms for the working world, for employed adult women with a sharp sense of fashion.

If there’s a direct connection with the uniforms that most people mean by the word, it’s the abundance of khaki and neutral tones. There’s khaki aplenty, with coats, shirts, blouses and pants all in dusty, soft tones. Blacks and Whites complete the neutral part of the line, with some deep Magentas, and a few pink pieces to round out the collection.


There are hints of military uniforms in some of the line, with some touches of Victorian British military uniforms like wide, sweeping tabbed collars, wide functional belts, and even some pink floral “digital” camouflage for good measure! There aren’t any gigantic moustaches to go with the Victorian gear, so the look doesn’t quite cross the line to “modern colonialism!”

All in all, Victoria Beckham’s new range is based around very clean, non-fussy lines with a minimum of detail. There’s an emphasis on straight lines, or mildly curved ones, with simple collars, and an overall clean look. It’s clear that Victoria was going for a ‘classic’ look that isn’t hinged too directly to the youth market. Whether or not these ‘uniforms’ actually start being standard issue for the front lines of the office world will have to wait until their release next year.

Photo credit : Victoria Beckam

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