Victoria Secret Angels sing ‘12 Days of Christmas’

You probably know the Victoria Secret Angels for their adorable fashions and you often see them as flawless. Well, they may be the invincible in fashion matters but not so in singing. If you could hear of the Victoria Secret 12 Days of Christmas remix then you would probably attest to this truth. They are so off-tune with the song that you stop to think whether you are hearing them right or it is just another impostor group. But the truth is that they may not be as good singers as they are with setting trends.


They are adorable all the same

There is one thing you can never take away from these angels: glamour. In their lingerie and angel wings, they look just as flawless as you have always known them. While singing the song, they do what they do best and do not be amazed to hear some makeovers to the lyrics. Though with lots of fashion overtones, you can still get Christmas cheer from their version of the famous song.

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