Victoria’s 2013 Holiday Make-up – Secret No More!

Victoria’s Secret Party Perfect Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection has now been launched, and the overall look is glossy and natural, with a healthy glow. Get that rosy, just-in-from-the-cold look with Secret Luminous blush. The trio of shades called Ready for Love, when applied with a soft brush, will definitely give you kissable cheeks. For added glamour, the finest of powder can be applied with the special shimmer brush in Heart of Gold or Diamond Life.


To make the most of your seductive eyes there are two silky-smooth eye shadow quads: Moonrise – purple toning with pale pinks and a brownish tone, and Love Dazed, a subtle turquoise with complementary tones of brown, beige and cream. The most effective way to blend the four shades is to use the lighter ones for the base, up to the brow, and a medium shade on eyelids, with the dark shade for eye contours and corners. The color blocks are imprinted with these instructions, so you can’t go wrong. If you want more shades, try the Midnight Jewels Holiday Eye Kit.

For festive lips try Sparkle gloss in shades of Kiss and Tell or Shine. The colour is bright yet natural, with a hint of glitter. Or try the Beauty Rush Lacquer Gloss lip shine in Instant Chemistry, for even more luscious lips. If you really want to go to town, splash out on the Give Me Dazzle make-up kit with more shades and than you would ever need (don’t try them all at once!)

For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, hair stylists stressed the natural, bed-head look but expressing your own personality rather than following a trend. Length and style are less important than a glossy, healthy head of hair. There is a new signature perfume, Bombshell Diamonds, to emphasise the overall theme of luxury and complete your Party Season look.

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