Vincent Jackson signs with Bucs

vincent jackson

Within a few short hours of his free agency, Vincent Jackson has signed a massive five year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson, 29, has been playing with the San Diego Chargers since he got drafted by them in the second round from Northern Colorado.
A two time Pro Bowler, Jackson’s new contract with the Buccaneers is worth $55.555 million dollars. Of that, $36 million is guaranteed in the first three years and $26 is guaranteed during the first two years of his contract.
Celebrated for his game deep down the field, Jackson has received passes for more than 1000 yards in total for three of the last four seasons. A real offensive threat to any opponent’s defense, Jackson was exactly what the Buccaneers were looking for during their picks of free agency.
His new teammates are already excited to have him on the field and look forward to a stronger offense this year.

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