Vivienne Westwood saves The Rainforest…at least she tries!

Vivienne Westwood 2011

Vivienne Westwood tries to be eco by saving the rainforest,just think about what happens if there are no trees in this world,Trees are plants that make our life be more healthier,this is a proven fact!

By cutting them down,there will be also more diseases to mankind,more polution.

That’s why she chosen to run such charity,for a better and healthy world especially!Her charity is called Cool Earth and it can’t be found here

Vivienne said:

"Most of you know that I’ve always used my fashion shows as a platform for my belief in the importance of social justice and the urgent need to fight climate change. Tonight I introduce the Rainforest charity, Cool Earth, and a campaign that is very close to my heart- a plan to save the most vulnerable Rainforest areas by 2020.

Support her up!

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