Was Chris Brown Rehab Check-In Stage Managed?

chris brown vs drake

The spokesperson for Chris Brown has earlier today in a statement confirmed the rumors that the R&B singer has entered a Los Angeles rehab facility to deal with the anger management issue. The word going round is that, the decision is an attempt to soften the charges against him in the wake of an arrest in the Washington, D.C., during the weekend.

Brown and his bodyguard were detained after he allegedly punched and broke the nose of a 20 year old, Parker Isaac Adams. The fan is said to have attempted to photo bomb a picture that Brown was taking with one of his fans.

The singer’s representative said in the statement that Chris Brown has opted for a rehab facility so as to gain focus as well as insight concerning his past and present behavior so that he can continue his life and career pursuit from a much healthier vantage point.

The Los Angeles County probation department is scrupulously investigating the matter to determine whether the singer violated his probation setup from his 2009 physical attack of then girlfriend Rihanna by purportedly punching Mr. Parker. Chris Brown, who was at first charged with a felony assault, has since had his charges reduced to a misdemeanor assault, in which he emphatically pleaded not guilty. If the singer is convicted, he may face up to 180 days jail term and a $1,000 fine. He is reported to have flown to L.A. to meet with the county probation officials shortly after his release from a jail in D.C.

If the singer were found to have desecrated his probation, he may be sentenced to up to four years imprisonment. Reports getting to us from the rehab facility are that Brown was dropped off by his legal representative, in what is seen as a proof of contrition that may help him trim down any potential penalties.

Brown’s upcoming album, X, is expected to be launched in November 19, which is only three weeks from now. For now all we can do is to wait and see how things unfold.

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