Was Christina’s Hendricks Phone Really Hacked?

christina hendricks phone hacked

Stolen images and hacked cell phones or laptops of celebrities are things that nowadays happen all the time so we either do not pay that big attention to such events or don’t even believe they are real.

Christina Hendricks is now the most recent case of a well-known person, whose naked images appeared on the Internet. Cell phone hackers somehow managed to make the actress their victim. After Scarlett Johansson’s phone was hacked, the naked Christina became the actress, number one in men’s fantasies. 

A representative of Christina Hendricks claims that the topless image everybody is able to see online is fake and that this is not the actress herself.

The pictures seem as if they had been taken at her home because Hendricks is barely clothed and without any make-up.

The star from “Mad Man” has immediately contacted authorities and police now investigates the crime. However, it is still not confirmed if these images are real or not.

Photo credit : Wikipedia.org

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