6 Ways To Dress Like A Celebrity… In Bed!

Celebrities love pajamas. Sleepwear is comfy, stylish, and can be very sexy. When it comes to choosing what to wear in the sack, if you have the confidence to rock it celebrity-style, it doesn’t matter what you wear – these celebrity examples prove that to you. From PJs to teddies, undies to pure silky lingerie, learn six ways to dress like your favorite celebrity in the bedroom.

6 Ways To Dress Like A Celebrity... In Bed!
1. Pajamas Pack a Punch.
If you are Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyonce, Snooki, Robert Downey Jr., or a host of other celebrities recently seen on the Huffington Post in their sleepwear, you love your PJs like nothing else in your closet. You will wear them in the house and also out of the house. You will wear them on the red carpet and to parties. Of course, “bed head” has always been sexy – just slip on your favorite comfy PJs and you’re ready for a celebrity-inspired night in the sack!

2. Underwear – Bras, Panties, the Works.
According to Marie Claire magazine, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and of course Britney Spears are all super fond of their underwear – so much so that they often enjoy taking to the stage in it! You can find many of the same styles on HerRoom.com – after browsing your favorites, all you need to do is put on your chosen “costume” and enter the “stage” of your private boudoir for an evening of fun.

3. Lingerie to Go – and Go and Go.
Us Magazine has chronicled more than one celebrity feud answered through the eye-popping effects of public lingerie – such as Selena Gomez’s public dispute with singer Lorde. As well, Miley Cyrus has been known to wear her favorite lingerie to Starbucks, among other places (in fact, it seems she wears it practically everywhere these days!)

4. Shapewear in the Boudoir.
Shapewear may be designed to stay under wraps when its job is to shape booty or tummy for certain super-sexy day wears. But when it takes center stage in the form of shaping corsets, there is no reason to keep shape wear out of the limelight – or the bedroom. ABC News has captured style maven Victoria Beckham, pop singer Christina Aguilera, Madonna (of course), and many others sporting their shapewear-inspired corsets on stage and off.

5. The Bra – and Nothing But the Bra.
Cosmopolitan magazine’s spread featuring singer Nicki Minaj, Lily Collins, and others shows that there is a right brassiere for every body – whether you are big, small, short, or tall. All you need is confidence and the right fit and your bedroom is a playroom built for two.

6. Undies – Without the Oops.
While joining celebrities like Michelle Williams and Sarah Jessica Parker who make a name for themselves by flashing their panties in public may not be high on your bucket list, it sure is nice to have that kind of confidence! With the right panties to accentuate your curves, you will!

With these six tips for celebrity-style bedroom dress, you won’t have to pretend to be your favorite celebrity. You will feel their style become your own as you light up the night with the one you love.

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