What Are All The Celebs Wearing This Spring? Hint: Dressy Shorts

Celebrities aren’t people who are known for their modesty. In fact, it seems as if they go out of their way to grab the limelight and show off. And nowhere is this sort of behavior more obvious than in their choice of clothing. For whatever reason, celebrities like to be on the cutting edge of fashion, wowing their fans with their new looks and getting onto the front pages of trashy internet style magazines for the additional PR.


Take Rihanna, for instance. She’s a woman who has made a habit of getting publicity by turning up at various music awards and events in outrageous outfits. The media pundits have a field day, rarely knowing whether they love her daring choices or hate them.


For us mere mortals, what celebrities are wearing are a good indication of what’s in vogue, especially if you ignore some of the more extreme Lady Gaga-style outfits. And over the course of a season, you see some of the same items turning up, again and again, telling you what’s in fashion right now and what’s not. Here’s a rundown.

Dressy Shorts

When did dressy shorts become a thing? This season apparently. They’ve recently been spotted on celebrities like Nikki Reed emerging from her office. What’s great about dressy shorts is that you get all the new-season feeling from the look, but none of the risks. Dressy shorts aren’t about to embarrass you if there’s a sudden gust of wind. What’s more, they’re actually appropriate for work if you fancy getting your legs out one day.


Semi-Sporty Jackets


Another popular trend at the moment is the varsity jacket. Although these jackets are usually only worn at sporting events, some designers and celebrities are experimenting with bringing them into the day-to-day work setting. Emma Roberts, for instance, was recently spotted wearing one while she was out and about.


The best way to approach this particular look is to make sure that the jacket is layered with other items of clothing. Roberts, for instance, paired hers with a little black dress. The last thing that you want is to go for the full-on sports look. You want your outfit to appear sporty, but not to be over the top.


White Shirts And Jeans


Now that the weather is warming up (finally) we’re seeing celebrities coming out wearing more white, but not in the usual boring way that you might expect. Nicole Richie, for instance, was recently seen sporting a white shirt with the buttons undone all the way to her naval. It was a sexy look, but it’s something that you can emulate if you want in the workplace – minus the cleavage. The top that Richie was wearing was designed, but there is a French Connection key-hole blouse which looks very similar, other than the fact that the buttons do up to the top of the chest, meaning that you can wear it around your conservative boss and when you want to hit the town.


Peasant Tops


Another thing we’ve seen this season is the rise of the peasant top: tops that are designed to look sexy and scruffy and finish at the waist. Although many celebs have been wearing designer versions of peasant tops (perhaps against the spirit of the item), it’s worth checking out Aeropostale promo code coupons as there are some savings to be had. Currently, there’s a lot of money off this particular line, despite the fact that it’s trending right now.


We’re Going Pink

When was the last time we saw pink pants? Possible all the way back in the 1960s when Lady Penelope wore a pair for an episode of Thunderbirds. But today they’re back in vogue, thanks to a cadre of committed celebrities looking to shake up their wardrobes. Take Diane Kruger, for instance, she’s never been one for boring styles, and so she’s recently emerged wearing some pink pants from a designer label. The shade itself is very bubblegum-chic. And when she’s worn them out, she’s paired them with some bright, fluorescent pink heels.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay designer prices. Topshop are currently selling a line of salmon pink skinnies that’ll allow you to copy this statement look without breaking the bank. Expect to pay around $65 for a pair of skinny pink jeans on the high street.


The Naughty Skirt

When we’re talking about celebrity fashion, skirts are often left out of the conversation – unless, of course, they’re naughty. It’s worth remembering, however, that naughty doesn’t just mean “short.” It can also be related to the way that it is cut.

Olivia Palermo decided that she wanted to sex up her look with a skirt. Instead of going for the regular pleated design, she decided to opt for a flared skirt that showed off a little bit of thigh. To keep the look sexy, she obeyed one of fashion’s golden rules: if you’re going to expose one part of your body, cover up the rest. As such, she paired her naughty skirt with a printed, long-sleeved blouse. You can find flared skirts up and down the high street.


Blinged-Up T-Shirts


T-shirts are a staple of most of our wardrobes. They’re cheap and easy to wear whatever the occasion. Celebrities, though, are always looking to push the boundaries and many have begun to wonder whether there’s any way that they could improve upon the humble t-shirt.


Jaime King certainly thinks that she can. She’s recently been spotted out on the street with her boyfriend sporting a t-shirt that’s covered in jewels. You might not think that putting jewels on a t-shirt would work all that well, but lacing them into the shoulder area produces a real visual treat. Aware of the fact that her t-shirt is quite a statement, King paired it with some washed out jeans to provide a neutral background.

Of course, as soon as the celebrities were spotted wearing these t-shirts, they began appearing all over the high street. They’re still not particularly cheap though. Expect to pay north of $100.

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