What Is Going On With Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher?


It feels like every couple of months either Ashton Kutcher or Rihanna make headlines with relationship problems and complicated personal lives. As unexpected as it was, they were spotted together at Kutcher’s house at 4 in the morning.
After getting dinner with her friends and security entourage nearby at Giorgio Baldi’s in Los Angeles, the pop icon headed over to Kutcher’s new $10 million bachelor’s pad at midnight and did not leave until four hours later.
Rihanna’s tumultuous love life made headlines recently after allegedly being beaten by her on and off boyfriend Chris Brown. There are conflicting reports about their current status, and this late night visit to Kutcher’s house raises eyebrows among the celebrity circles.
Kutcher, who was married to the star of Striptease, Demi Moore, got divorced last year and has been spotted around the world including partying at a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil with gorgeous Brazilian supermodels.

Ashton Kutcher is definitely The Ladies Man

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