What is it with Big name stars?


You have to wonder when you read things like this in the news. We all know that celebrities get treated better, but does that mean they should act differently and not answer to the same moral codes as everyone else does.

What we are talking about is the fact that there are four different major stars in sports right now who are going through paternity hearings. Really this is showing just how messed up this world is when a star has women approach them and ask them to sleep with them. 

Alright not saying that it is a good thing to take these girls up on the offers. But think about it, if you have money and you mess up and sleep with anyone, and they have any chance of getting pregnant, well your life will change rather quickly.

Dollar signs will come up in any woman’s head when they think about being pregnant and a questionable sexual history. The men that are in trouble right now due to this situation include Marcedes Lewis of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chuck Liddell, MMA legend (by the way he recently retired), Terrell Owens and Roger Mason of the Washington Wizards.

Women think about it this big star who has agreed to sleep with you this one time is not doing it because they’ve suddenly found their soul mate, but because you are offering and they are just a guy. So think about what you do before doing it and stop putting these kids through things like this.

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