What Is Real, What is Not in Total Recall 2012

total recall 2012

Total Recall 2012 is a remake of the science-fiction action film of 1990 by the same name. Just as its original movie, Total Recall 2012 has been inspired by Philip K. Dick’s short story, We Can Remember It For You. Total Recall 2012 happens in the year 2084. Euromerica, formerly the European Union and United States of America.
Colin Farrell stars as Douglas Quaid, a factory worker who seems to want a break from his life and convert his dreams of being a super-spy into real-life memories. However, the procedure is botched and Quaid becomes a sought after fugitive. He is running from the forces under Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston) who is the leader of the free world. Quaid finds a rebel (Jessica Biel) and they seek out the head of the resistance (Bill Nighy) to help them stop Cohaagen.

Total Recall 2012 is a blurred blend of Quaid’s real life and fantasy caused by the Rekall procedure he underwent and he has to separate truth from fantasy in this action-packed film.

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