What Online Games Are Celebrities Playing

What began as a relatively quiet development has quickly exploded into a massive experience. Over the last twenty years, video gaming innovations have been tremendous. An innumerable number of games have been created, over a very broad spectrum of genres and interests, play styles and objects. You can play your favourite Microgaming casino games at Red Flush Online Casino, or you can pick up a controller with your favorite console and enjoy some high quality gaming there of your choice. No matter what your interest, chances are, you are a gamer, and what many people do not know is that many famous celebrities are avid gamers themselves. Here are just some top stars that love playing video games and have favorites over several different genres.

First Person Shooters

First person shooters are easily some of the most popular and most accessible games available for people to play. Because they are so easy to get into, with so much potential for great storytelling and interactive gameplay, that more and more people are choosing shooters as their favorite video games. This is no different for celebrities. Many, like Daniel Craig and Snoop Dogg, love a good game of Halo. They describe it as one of their favorite shooting games because of the story and gameplay mechanics. Olivia Munn and Will Arnett both love the Call of Duty series as well, specifically the Modern Warfare 3 title. They play for the same interactive elements that keep so many other avid gamers at the edge of their seats. With constant innovations being made for online play, it is easy to see why the first person shooter genre remains such a classic, even after all these years.

Rhythm Games

Another extremely popular type of game that many people enjoy is the rhythm game. This game, as the name implies, focuses on the player keeping up with certain rhythmic cues and beats throughout the game. As many people may already guess, musicians love playing this type of game because of how many artistic elements are present throughout the gameplay. Guitar Hero is one of the most popular of these games because of its own unique variety of mechanics and exciting opportunities for fast paced gameplay. Celebrities like Kyle Cook, of Matchbox Twenty, and Jodie Foster, love playing Guitar Hero. No matter whether you enjoy the game as a way to practice your reaction time or your musical theory, you will find something to enjoy within the genre itself.


Finally, there are too many celebrities to count who enjoy playing a variety of different online games, belonging to any number of categories. Jessica Alba enjoys playing several different video games on the Wii, with both online and offline play enabled. She says that her time on the Wii is her secret to her physique, as there is so much physical activity involved with the console. Jenny McCarthy loved Marble Blast Ultra, which is a very popular game available on the Xbox. No matter what your interests or how often you play your video games, the most important thing to remember is to just enjoy.

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