What to wear to a casino vacation

Whether you choose to go to Las Vegas or anywhere in the world for casino vacation, it is normal to worry about what clothing to pack. When thinking of this remember that casino vacations are not just about gambling fun but also about dining and enjoying the trip. In order to do this, proper dressing is necessary so you do not feel of place and get to enjoy every moment.


When choosing what to wear to a casino vacation, one should consider where the destination is. If Las Vegas is the city of choice anything goes. Just wear what you are comfortable with. Here you will find people wearing all sorts of clothes ranging from bikinis to tuxedos and gowns. It is a place where a person can be whoever they want to be. The casinos at which you intend to have your fun will however have an impact on your dressing. If the classier ones are your ideal choice then you better pack your suits if you are a man and evening wear for the ladies. Though they may not have a specified dress-code, most people who you will find in these casinos will be decently-dressed and being too casual will make you look out of place. These are the likes of Venetian and Bellagio. If you prefer the cheaper ones like Laughlin and Elko, casual is a much better option as this is what almost everyone will be in.

European casinos are quite different from those in Vegas. Most of them require the men coming in to have a coat and tie and the women to have evening wear. Though one does not need to be too official, looking presentable is necessary lest you look out of place. To be sure of what you need to wear at your casino of choice be sure to investigate beforehand. Give them a call and find out if there are any dress codes so you do not look out of place. Some even have different dress codes each day.

If dressing up is not in your list of priorities however, you can opt to enjoy your vacation in an online casino. With this option there really is no limitation to what you can wear. You can play in your pajamas in bed or a suit at your office; whatever you are comfortable with.

The time of the year at which you intend to undertake your casino vacation will also matter a lot. If you are doing so during winter you may want to consider if the casino has a coat check or not. If so, you can feel free to wear whatever you want underneath. If not, you may consider wearing something that will not feel too warm inside the casino rooms.

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