What’s in a Bachelor Pad of the stars?

george clooney bachelor 2012

Have you ever really thought about it? You know we all know that bachelor’s live a different lifestyle. It’s normally one that is either full of mess, or full of great things. But what about the pads for the big stars out there, what are they like and is there anything special that you will find about it? Here are some of the best considered bachelor pads of the stars.

Live it up in style like George Clooney who has a mansion in Italy that is said to be well worth 30 million dollars. The estate is supposed to be one that is extremely beautiful, besides the fact that it is in a romantic country, you could find plenty of other pictures online to show you this fabulous site.

Talk about a view, looking at the newly pending divorcee Ashton Kutcher’s home will let you know just what money can buy. A huge house that 5 bedrooms and a nice 8 bathrooms, this is a place you will never have to worry about lack of space in. His house is located in Los Angeles, see more pictures of this house online as well.
There are many other bachelor pads and depending on the star, you have a variety of choices in what they love to have.

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