When Celebrities hang out to Vegas

Las Vegas home for the dancing ladies and shimmering lights but most notably with its casinos. Many are pulled to the ever enticing widely opened entrances to these casinos, it’s like a spell is casted to a passer-by, and to that he succumbs to the temptations to gamble his wealth. Well celebrities even though they are very well-known individual they are still humans. Many celebrities have been seen in a poker table, wearing their poker faces. Though some celebrities opt for online casino to conceal their habit of gambling in the public eye and paparazzi’s many still go out in Vegas.


Games like pokers, bingos, and those roulettes are simply fun to play and is a way of relief for some celebrities in their stressful line of work. Bingos for example are easy you just sit down and listen to the number to be called out, if you card lines up in a pattern you win. To those who have played bingo or any other games in the casino before can tell you the satisfaction winning can give someone. Maybe that’s the reason why these notable celebrities are seen in Vegas such as Jennifer Tilly, Tiger Woods, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Pamela Anderson.

Ben Affleck even won a State Poker Championship in 2004, apparently Affleck has a very good poker face. Tiger woods is a black jack player who has been alleged to bet up to $25,000 per hand. And Actress Jennifer Tilly is said to be more often at poker events these days than she is to be see on-screen. She is also a winner of a World Series of Poker bracelet of 2005, Card Player Best Celebrity Player of the Year, and WPT Bellagio Cup 5K. She also in a long-term relationship with Phil Laak since 2004, who is known to be one of the top poker players in the world.

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