When Harry met Katy… – Daniel Radcliffe’s crush on Katy Perry

24 year old Daniel Radcliffe’s love life has been the subject of much speculation in recent years due his apparent availability and legions of female fans ranging from ages 14 to 35.

Photo credit : Wenn
Photo credit : Wenn

As Harry Potter he charmed his way into the hearts of millions and it’s no surprise that when Radcliffe expresses even the slightest of school boy crushes it is leaped upon and fan girls start screaming to know more.

So when MTV reporter John Horowitz quizzed him about Miss Perry and it came out that Daniel Radcliffe has a huge crush on Katy Perry the internet light up with speculation and rumour. So what actually happened?

This all started about a year ago when the former “Harry Potter” star, who is set to appear in the 2014 release “Frankenstein” as the Doctor’s laboratory assistant Igor, sheepishly confessed to being quite smitten with the stunningly beautiful Californian pop sensation in 2012 during an interview. And who can blame him?

Then about 4 days ago MTV reporter John Horowitz released an interview with Radcliffe in which he quizzed the “F word” star about his crush on Katy, particularly considering how close to each other they had been seated at the MTV music video awards. Radcliffe then confessed to being utterly tongue tied and star stuck in her presence, he went on to admit that he is quite regularly in the same room or function as her and has never managed to get up the courage to talk to her. The fact that his crush is now public knowledge seems to further compound Radcliffe’s awkward predicament lamenting that “You’ve [Katy] probably seen an interview with me. You know these thoughts are in my head. I can’t even look at you.”.

To add further embarrassment and sheer awkwardness to any future encounters some celebrity news journalists have decided to treat this as a sinister obsession akin to stalking, where as all it seems to be is an adorable hopeless crush, poor Daniel.

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