Where do celebrities keep moving?

When most people think of celebrities and real estate, Hollywood and Los Angeles instantly come to mind. This is understandable, since the American television and film industries are based in that region. However, wealthy A-list celebrities are usually not satisfied having a single home in the L.A. area. In fact, many of them can’t wait to get away from southern California once their work has been finished. So what cities are celebrities moving to? Here are the cities where the most celebrities live.

New York City

A large amount of A-listers make their permanent home in the Big Apple. Alec Baldwin, Micheal J. Fox and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few of the big names that you might see strolling down the streets of Manhattan. This makes sense because NYC is also the home of Broadway, a place where many big actors find work in between film roles.


Will Smith once rapped about all of the things Miami has to offer. Obviously, many celebrities were listening. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Cuban, Leonardo DiCaprio and Shaquille O’Neal are just a few of the elite that call the city by South Beach their home on a regular basis.


Michael Jordan may have left the city on the shores of Lake Michigan. However, there are still plenty of celebs to go around. Bill Murray, Vince Vaughn, Quincy Jones and Mandy Patinkin still show their faces at some of their favorite haunts.


For many years, Nashville was exclusively associated with country music. Those days are gone forever. Nowadays, the biggest names in every genre of music are choosing to record their music in the land of the Grand Ole Opry. Because of the amount of recording studios in the city, many celebrities are choosing to make the Nashville region their home. Country music icon Kenny Chesney and actress Ashley Judd are two examples of people who fell in love with the city and decided to stay.


Thanks to the annual South by Southwest music festival, Austin has become a happening location for people from all areas of the entertainment industry. Nowadays, you should not be surprised if you happen to see the likes of Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Costner hanging out around town between acting gigs.


In recent years, Atlanta have been gaining popularity as a home for some of the biggest musicians on the planet. Alan Jackson, Usher, Trisha Yearwood and Ludacris all have a home in the biggest city in Georgia.

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