Which Fashion Shows Attracted the Stars at New York Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week is always a glamorous, star studded occasion, with celebrities of all tiers of fame being keen to be spotted wearing clothes while looking at clothes. This most recent Fashion Week, which began to unveil the fashions for Spring 2016, was naturally no exception, with a whole host of stars from the movies, music, and of course reality TV filling seats at runway shows. If you want to find Chloe Moretz, the Kardashians or Lewis Hamilton, New York is the place to be during fashion week, as celebrities from all over the world and of all ages make the trip to see what the designers have to show for the next season. But what were the collections the stars seems to be most interested in?


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Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a designer who has been really making waves, and showcased a diverse an interesting collection featuring everything from a voluminous striped maxi dress to a cute little bright orange shorts set, with pom poms. Tory Burch has been one of the shows stars were keenest to see, with everyone from movies stars like Jessica Alba showing their appreciation for the interesting and unusual concepts Burch is putting out there for the spring 2016 season. If you can imagine a range that contains everything from feminine white organza to urban, ethnically inspired palettes, you’ll have some idea of which celebs were feasting their eyes on at the Tory Burch show.

Zac Posen

Another show that was absolutely great for star spotting was Zac Posen’s collection. Here we saw everybody from musical star Jennifer Hudson to comedienne Amy Schumer and Mad Men style icon Christina Hendricks dressed up in their finery to get a glimpse of the spring 2016 Posen concepts before anybody else. The spring collection did not disappoint, with brave choices made on functional clothes that are sure to be fun to wear when spring comes around. Zac Posen collections always inspire interest from industry insiders and celebs, so it is no wonder this was one of the shows where the most diverse range of stars could be found enjoying the view from the front row!

Rag & Bone

When it comes to hip, urban, functional style, Rag & Bone are a brand that the stars love, and they were out in force for the Rag & Bone show at New York Fashion week. Stylish celebs like Hailey Baldwin and Gabrielle Union stepped out to see the latest Rag & Bone collection for spring 2016, which was a very cool 90’s inspired range with all kinds of great uses of features like cut outs, leather and bright orange.

The stars make an effort to look as fashionable as they can when they attend the shows, so even looking at their own outfit choices is interesting, with stars sporting everything from a long sleeve maxi dress to classic cocktail dresses and smart sleek skirt and blouse combos. It will be great to see them sporting these cool collections next spring!

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