Whitney Houston Dies At Only 48

whitney houston dead

One of the biggest singers of all time,Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel camera in Beverly Hills.

Songs like ‘I will always love you’,’When  you believe’ , are only a few songs of her entire precious collection which made our childhood more interesting and full of joy.

Her presence in movies like ‘The Bodyguard’,was also something amazing.

Singers like Whitney is born once at every 100 years and who has the chance for listening to their songs we can say he/she is blessed.

Regarding her death which causes we don’t know it yet,the paramedics tried to resuscitate her but it was useless.

Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. this afternoon.

Rest in peace,Whitney.


According to TMZ,Whitney Houston dies from a combination of Xanax drugs and other prescription medication combined with alcohol.

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