Who Has The Most Skinny Legs?

Here you have some skinny legs which are usually recommended to play golf,that only if you forgot your tools home!I wonder if she’s still going to gym to mentain those like that…Let’s not be so sarcastic,no one can be perfect but this subject has no relevance and we can concentrate more on other.I have chosen to highlight it because can be a big help for some who enjoy this type of feet..

The celebrity whom feet we have in our front it’s called Whitney Port,in NY.I wonder if she’s  walking often on Broadway or she prefers taking the car..I believe the second part it’s more preferable,don’t you think the same?

She’s not the only one with this drama..but what the heck she is considering that this is not a problem.

More examples can be:

Miranda Kerr

Jennifer Connely

Gisele Bundchen

Nicky Hilton

and the list can go on showbiz.com

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