Who In Hollywood Shops More?

It’s a fact celebrity figures in Hollywood love shopping. Some of them go on shopping sprees worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. So who are the top 10 shopaholic stars? This list has some of the best known female shoppers from Hollywood as well as those who have bizarre luxury shopping habits.

 gwen stefani

10. Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is into very untypical shopping habits for a superstar. She loves shopping for second hand items that she says she can customize into her taste. Although once in a while, she does splash out on designer items especially when she goes to Europe.


9. Sarah Jessica Parker
Her real life persona resembles the famous Carrie Bradshaw that she plays in Sex and the City. It is rumored that she has a fetish for shoes. Her wardrobe has over 100 pairs of all kinds.


8. Lindsay Lohan
She is known for her love for the fast lane. But another characteristic of this former child star is that she loves shopping. A famous story goes that she once entered a department store and spent 20 grand in less than 20 minutes!


7. Celine Dion
The sultry Canadian songstress has made a fortune singing at the MGM Grand. She has a Rolls Royce that she specifically uses for shopping because it has a spacious trunk.


6. Cameron Diaz
The actress claims that a woman who knows her value can never have enough of the good things. For her, shopping is not about the money spent but the activity itself. She has an entire domestic warehouse for her unopened bags!
5. Paris Hilton
The millionaire heiress takes pride in never donning the same attire twice. Well, well, can we add more?
4. Jennifer Lopez
Whenever she goes on tour, she carries an entire plane load of clothes. And adds some more shopping just for good measure.
3. Victoria Beckham
Ever since the former Spice Girl moved to Los Angeles, her wardrobe has ballooned. She is a bona fide designer but she has over 30 Birkin handbags and hundreds of high heels!
2. Kim Kardashian
The socialite has made a name for herself as a shopaholic and as a spendthrift. This is best shown by how she accompanied her mother to a London shopping spree early this year and spent almost US $ 100 000 at a single store!
1. Katie Holmes
Mrs. Cruise is top of this list because she does wild shopping for two. Every time she goes on a spree, she buys the same items for her Suri, her daughter. The young girl’s wardrobe is already at a whopping US $ 3 million!

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