Why It Is Important To Dress According To Your Body Shape

Fashion changes so fast you don’t have time to embrace a new trend or to decide what you like before it is out of style! If you follow the Fashion Week shows, you know that designers create the trends for the spring-summer and fall-winter clothes collections. While watching these shows can be a great source of inspiration, having a personal style that reflects your personality is what makes the difference between a stylish woman and a woman who looks just good.


Your personality and your body shape should determine which trends you should adopt and which you should avoid. Wearing clothes that look good on your body will give you the confidence to try new styles, new trends, new colors and to create a trademark style that is yours and only yours. Here is what Fashionology Magazine says about the topic of dressing based on body shapes.

How To Dress According To Your Body Shape?

The first step is to understand your body! You need to determine if you are an hourglass, an inverted triangle, a pear, a rectangle or an apple. Easier said than done? We think it’s pretty simple! All you have to do is to measure your shoulders, waist and the distance between your hip bones and you’ll know what your body type is.

Sure, there are many other things involved in the equation, the vertical silhouette, your weight and height are also things you need to consider, but this is a great first step. After being an expert in choosing clothes for your body shape, you can go to the next level and include all of the other elements in the mix. Knowing what clothes make you look good and what clothes don’t, won’t limit your options. The rules will make you know the effects certain cuts have and it will be easier to determine if you want that effect or not. You can break the rules in style, obviously, but before making a fashion statement you need to know what rules you can bend in order to look fabulous.

Body Types Characteristics


The hourglass is the classic silhouette all women want to have. Thin waist, same size shoulders and hips, this body type allow women to wear many designs and look great in all of them.

Inverted Triangle

The shoulders are larger than the hips and the upper body appear larger than the lower body, this silhouette is seen very often in athletes. Keeping things simple in the upper body and adding volume around the hips will create a balanced look.


The opposite of the inverted triangle, pears have larger hips and bottom area and small shoulders. These days, this silhouette is very well loved so be happy and love your body! To look your best, add volume to your shoulders and avoid it around your hips. Simple skirts and pants are better for you.


Hips and shoulders have the about same size but the waist is not very well defined. This silhouette is pretty common too. Most runaway models have it and they can rock many different outfits. You can choose to visually create a thinner waist with a belt or you can adopt the no-waist trend that is so in nowadays.


Women with the apple body shape usually have medium to large breasts and a problematic abdomen. Fat tends to accumulate around the belly but the rest of the body will remain fit. If this is you, avoid clothes that are fitted around the belly area. You can wear empire cut dresses and tops to hide the belly and to accentuate your breasts.

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