Despite Starfield Denial, PlayStation Sold 4.2X More Units in 5 Months Than Xbox Did in a Whole Year

Console wars have been a thing for a few decades now, with big-name companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. each offering their gaming solutions for a while now, it becomes a topic of controversy about which entertainment system is the superior one.

This topic in the last few years has been concentrated only on two major console series for now, which are PlayStation and Xbox, with the most recent being PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X owned by Sony and Microsoft respectively.

Playstation vs Xbox
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Who Are Known To Be At War With Each Other Consistently

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Which Console Sells Better

When it comes to console wars, in the end, sales are a major factor that leads to deciding who wins, and this is where the PlayStation 5 shines, as it turns out Sony was able to sell 8 million units of the console in just 5 months, which is very impressive when compared to just 1.89 million Xbox sold in the whole of 2023 yet.
PlayStation is essentially making approximately 4.2x times more sales than that of Xbox.

Why this may come as a surprise to some is because of the soon releasing Video Game, Starfield, a game fans have been waiting for years and is exclusive to only Xbox and PC. Hence, giving a reason to buy an Xbox over Sony’s console, something which happens rarely.

Starfield Exclusive on Xbox
Starfield, Exclusive For Xbox and PC only

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Reasons For PlayStation’s Success

PlayStation has been the king of console wars ever since it started, and it is due to valid reasons, such as better performance than their counterparts as well as better content. Some of the reasons that concluded PlayStation’s success are as follows.

  • Better Exclusives

PlayStation ever since it came out always had an amazing line-up of games, with most of them being exclusive to the platform. Sony has always managed to collaborate with amazing studios such as Santa Monica and NaughtyDog. These collaborations have resulted in masterpieces of games such as the God Of War series and the Last of Us series, attracting the user base to the console.

  • Brand Loyalty

If not millions, then hundreds of thousands of people have grown up with PlayStation in their childhood. Whether it was killing zombies together with friends in Call Of Duty campaign mode or completing the journey of Kratos, a God of War, people have grown attached to PlayStation, with many preserving their old consoles till now.

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Playstation Exclusive God Of War
Kratos, Protagonist of the God Of War series

It is not only the above reasons, but factors like a better User Interface and way better marketing strategies, that put PlayStation at an advantage over Xbox.
It is still worth noting that Xbox is not that far behind, with their acquisition of Activision, as well as the launch of Starfield in September might reveal a bright path to the future.

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Source: Insider Gaming

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