Why You Should Choose Spray Tan Instead Of Sunbathing

Most people consider that a beautiful tan makes a person look attractive and healthy. Therefore, getting a tan is very important. But, what do you do if you cannot go brown? This is why spray tanning is becoming increasingly popular. With the increasing risks of skin cancer due to exposure to the sunlight, spray tanning is the safer option.


There are many health warnings about skin cancer due to increased exposure to sunlight. However, a lot of people still think that being white is a flaw. Often, it comes down to what is worse; the health risks connected with sunbathing, or the fashion flaw of having a white, milk bottle complexion.

Some women just don’t have the time to sunbathe and need a fast way of getting a natural looking tan. That’s why they consider a spray tan. It is fast, effective and safe. A spray tan is available at any time of the year, no matter what the weather is like. A lot of women want a tan all year round. Some women don’t worry about a tan, until they have a special event to attend. They may have to wear a revealing dress whilst attending a wedding or dance. These women don’t want to show off their white skin.

It is not only women that use sunless spray tanning either. Since 2000 both sexes have been creating a stir by using spray tans. Spray tans spray a special mist all over the areas that need it. You stand in a booth whilst the spray is applied. Spray tans are provided in most high-end spas and salons. The mist emits a chemical that reacts with the dead skin cells and dyes them brown. Once the tan has been applied, the results will be a natural looking golden, brown color.

People who have sensitive skin should choose a water base tan. Some salons provide various kinds of mist, allowing you to choose the level of tan.

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