Women’s Autumn/Winter Trends for 2013

Each year the eyes are on the catwalk to establish what the trends will be for the following season. Some of the fashions on display by the big designers are a little too “out there” for the every day shopper to adopt, but most are altered or adapted in some way to make them more appropriate for daily wear. This process of toning down a new trend and creating something that you could wear to the shops happens every season, and high street stores and supermarket clothes brands are getting ever better at creating clothes that people really want to wear that are right at the front of fashion. You can see some fab examples of this year’s autumn/winter trends in the range of womens clothing from George at ASDA online now. Some of the key looks for this season are below. So find your favourite, grab your bag, and get shopping.


Girly Girl

Full patterned skirts, pastel shades and floaty hems are all back in this season in the look that is the ultimate in femininity. This trend is a throwback to a simpler time where ladies were always dressed in a demure fashion and everything was understated rather than overstated. Peach is a key colour for this trend and you can expect to find many variations of this palate and light pinks on the shelves. Dig out your pearls and a nice camisole and team with a pleated skirt and some elegant courts with this typically English look.

GI Jane

Camo is back, and this time it has made its way into eveningwear. Once reserved for hikers and the most androgynous of ladies, camo has now made its way onto the catwalk at London Fashion Week as evening wear. So put back the LBD you had been saving for that party and instead don some green and black with your heels. You will find dresses, blouses and skirts all in this design, as well as the normal cargo trousers you are used to seeing.

Punk Rock Princess

Grab your tartan and leather and head for the stage as punk makes a comeback in 2013. As with all trends, everything seems to come around again eventually. This time it’s the turn of the much-anticipated return of the punk trend. Anything with a bit of metallic shine on it, plus leather or tartan is a must for those wishing to hone this look. You don’t need to go all out and start putting wood glue in your hair though. You can tone the trend down a little by teaming one leather or tartan item with other plain clothes and accessories for a subtle hint at this awesome style. Jewellery is an easy way to add a dash of punk to your wardrobe, and anything angular or with a thick chain is reminiscent of the punk era.

This year the trends are many and varied, which means you can have great fun trying bits from each in conjunction with your staple wardrobe. Just like the high street adapts the catwalk, you can adapt the looks so that they fit your own style and personality by going as subtle or as over the top as you see fit.

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