Would you eat the new black burger?

black burger 2012

If you have ever wondered about just how far you could go to eat something different, this may be just the story for you. The fast food chain Quick, located in Belgian is soon going to be releasing a new burger in their Star Wars themed items. 

But the thing about this new Phantom Menace meal is that the burger is one that is on a black bun. That’s right this new burger is on a black bun and it does not look very edible from the pictures. It will be interesting to see just how they go over when Quick starts selling them.

The date to watch for is January 31st, oh and don’t feel bad if you don’t find one, this will be sold in France. But if you live there it could be something that will definitely test your envelope on eating something different.
Star Wars is a huge movie, but really this may not be the smartest move made when trying to market something doing with the show. It will be interesting to see just how many of this item sell in the first day just because of how different they are.

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