You Can Lose Weight Eating Two Meals A Day And Drinking Protein Shakes

Studies have shown that using protein shakes as a meal replacement will decrease your intake of calories each day, helping you lose weight over a period of time.  Studies have also shown by incorporating protein shakes into your diet will improve your body’s overall health.  Although replacing one or two meals a day with a protein shake, you should work with your doctor to create a good meal replacement plan that works with your health and fitness plan.

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The Worst Carbohydrate For Those Over 50:

By the time you turn 50, your body will burn almost 200 less calories each day.  Also, after 30 years of age, you will start losing almost half of your calories burning muscle tissue each year.  Therefore, by 50 that doubles!

Food manufacturers secretly hide one certain carb in 80% of the foods and drinks we consume and is the one ingredient why people over 50 keep gaining weight.  Manufacturers call it by many different names including Galactose, Fructose, Corn Syrup, Dextrose, etc.  A word by any other name, it’s called Sugar!

Sugar is eight times more addictive than many illegal drugs in this country and contributes to the deaths of almost 600,000 Americans each year.

Protein Shakes & Powders:

When choosing a protein shake or powder, stay away from those that are high in sugar content.  Whey is the most important protein contained in a protein powder.  It lowers the risk of metabolic disease and improves your body’s overall health.

When starting a meal replacement diet, replace only one meal a day with a protein shake.  You should replace the meal that contains the highest level of calories.  In many cases, the evening meal contains the highest count of calories. You don’t want to start off replacing more than one meal a day as your body must adjust to the new diet plan.

Prepare your shake by blending one serving of your chosen protein powder with one cup of milk, water, or plain nonfat yogurt along with crushed ice.  For added flavor, incorporate a small amount of berries, half a frozen banana, or a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder.  Keep a journal to watch your diet progression and have recorded the number of calories you were consuming before starting your diet.  In order to lose a pound each week, you should cut your calories back by approximately 500 calories daily.

Your Two Other Meals:

You should also reduce your caloric intake in the two meals you consume each day.  In other words, if you want to cut out 500 calories each day and your shake only cuts out 300 calories, you should cut back on your serving sizes in the other meals. Incorporate a salad replacing a roll or a baked potato. Eat meals with vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and lean low-fat protein foods.  Stay away from processed foods, saturated fats, and salt where possible.

Have An Exercise Plan:

To increase your ability to lose weight you should get in some regular exercise.  Protein shakes will increase muscle protein synthesis which is the process of muscle mass growth and recovery after strength workouts.  Protein shakes work best after finishing your workout.  Find out about more real reviews about popular shake on  The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least two resistance training sessions each week and one and a half hours of moderate cardio exercise each week.

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