Your Phone Use Has More Impact Than You Think

The invention of handhelds was quite possibly one of the most useful technological developments we’ve ever seen, and because of it almost everyone on the planet has a phone. That means it’s a huge market, possibly with the most consumers we’ve ever seen; we love our mobiles after all, and get so much use out of them. We use them to play games, search the web, watch videos and hopefully turn them off at night to get some good shut eye in! However, have you really considered how much your phone can affect you? In the long run we know about the health effects it can have, but what about in between now and then?

Whether you use your phone for simply making and taking calls, or have your whole schedule planned out on it to keep you on the straight and narrow, your phone usage has a lot more impact than you think! This can be in both good and bad ways, and the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive of course. With that in mind, let’s take a look into the ways your phone is going to affect both you and the people around you.


You Might Have a Lower Attention Span


In the modern day and age, we’re constantly reminded that we don’t have as much focus as those who came before us. However, when there’s so much to do and see, can we really be blamed for the time we try to cut out of activities?


And whilst people have been investigating the length of a goldfish’s memory span for years now, the same depth of research cannot applied to humans. Some people are just naturally inattentive, some have learning disorders, and some can feel like they’ve been taught to pay attention less because so much of what we consume in media is short and snappy.


But You Can Escape into Another World!


When you have to work, shop, cook, and you’re still expected to be productive in your off time all at once, it’s only natural we should be able to jump back and forth between the activities we are involved in. With this in mind, a good case could be made to say your attention span is actually getting longer! (Try out this article at for more information.)


However, you’re still going to have downtime, and that’s where your phone comes in. It’s so easy to focus on a single screen and lose yourself in a funny video you can stream, or an app you’ve have installed. Gaming on our phones is a good way to spend a little more time, so head over to if you feel like you could spend a bit more quality time having fun.


We’re Constantly Losing Use of Other Entertainment


Nowadays people only seem to listen to the radio when it’s on in the car, and even then you can quickly plug your phone in if they’re not playing the right tunes for you. At the same time, when there’s a film on in front of you, there’s a good chance you’re going to get bored with any one of the scenes. Whip your phone out and lose all interest in the background, right?


If you’ve got both a phone and a computer in front of you, surely there’s no need to reach for one when using the other? However, a lot of people don’t pay attention to this ‘rule.’ And it’s then that it seems to become a problem, for people in and out of making this industry their livelihood.


But Companies Have Already Capitalised on This


All of the above can apply to some people, but it doesn’t apply to all of us. Because of all the use the average consumer gets out of their phone, a lot more companies have decided to start catering a lot more towards phone signals in their products and advertising.


You can now link your phone and your TV together, use your phone in place of a console controller, and vote for outcomes on any one of these mediums with the tap of your phone screen. These have all proven to be quite popular amongst consumers, as they’re accessible ways to stay in touch with society and our favorite media. So it’s not all doom and gloom when you think how little we use the radio anymore!


We’re Spending Less Time Face to Face


The main output of a phone is to contact people. That’s great, and works well for everyone who owns one. However, since conception of digital messaging, there’s been the argument that we’re less and less social with other people because of this new interface.


People are apparently less likely to greet others on the street, and won’t strike up conversations on the bus or the train. More and more people are never looking up from their phone screens, and that can make a lot of us uncomfortable.


But We’re Still Social


However, in using these phones, we are communicating. On the other hand, not many people can recall saying hello to a stranger when they didn’t have a phone on them. There’s a lot of ideas flying around that the world is changing because of our technology use and never for the better, and it’s simply wrong.


Programs like skype allow us to make international calls at no extra charge, meaning we can stay in touch with family members when we are seperated. Calling your grandmother at the end of the day because you couldn’t get out to see her will still put a bright smile on her face. Phones make communication easier, and people can still walk and talk to others when they put their phones down!


Your phone use of course has an impact on society, but in a much more diverse way than we’re led to believe! So next time you’re made to feel bad for your phone use, remember you’re still an active society member.

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