Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion movie

The fashion product is not only about some clothes on a model, captured carefully by a Los Angeles advertising photographer. It is also about talented directors, music and film.

yves saint lauren

This year, a new movie about the legendary Yves Saint Laurent is going to conquer our hearts. The masterpiece, directed by the very talented Jalil Lespert is glamorous, elegant and simply genuine.

The leading character is played by the amazing Pierre Niney. The movie feels like a luxurious fashion magazine, as you look through its pages. Very quickly after the first frame, you become comfortable and you just know that the screen will scroll chic celebrities and beautiful fashion collections, (authentic, the personal archives of Saint Laurent and Bergé), surrounded by an extremely luxurious ambience.

The movie begins shortly before Saint Laurent took over the Dior art house in 1957 (when he was 21) and ends up in 1976, by presenting the Ballets Russes collection. You’ll see two decades dedicated to fashion, two decades of extraordinary talent dedicated to the beauty of women, and two decades of tumultuous love, struggle with depression, alcohol and drugs. That’s the typical fashion mix up.

The movie is actually a superficial summary of the key moments in the life and career of the designer.  In many scenes, the amazing work of the director is obvious, especially when it comes to episodic appearances of legendary characters from the life of Saint Laurent: Betty Catroux (played by Marie de Villepin), Loulou de la Falaise (Laura Smet), Karl Lagerfeld (Nikolai Kinsky), Anne-Marie Munoz (Adeline d’Hermy). There are moments in the film that suggest the great creativity, of Saint Laurent, like the creation  of the Mondrian dress, or the improvisation of  a spectacular backdrop for a Dior evening gown of a strip of material. The core of the movie is the relationship between Berge and Saint Laurent.

The 110 minutes, are telling an incredible story of 20 years of mad work and life, of a very talented and unique man. You’ll simply adore it all, starting with the dresses and ending up with the crazy life circumstances.

Photo credit : Yves Saint Laurent

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