Zac Efron’s Hand Goes Down Under

zack efron hand pants

Zac Efron has some very interesting pictures doing the rounds on the internet. The shirtless heartthrob was talking on his cell phone with his hands deep into the front of his pants. While pacing on a balcony in Syndey, Australia’s Park Hyatt hotel, the 2011 runner up of People’s Most Beautiful list just couldn’t ignore the need to grab his crotch.
The 24 year old has been caught on camera feeling his crotch before. In 2007 photos of Zac Efron grabbing junk several times while on a surfing holiday in Hawaii with his former girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens went viral on the internet.
This time, Zac Efron was having a glass of juice while lounging on the deck chair on his hotel room balcony before picking the phone. His trousers were slung very low on his waist, exposing light blue boxers. He certainly gave the cameras a show although it cannot be known whether he was doing it all intentionally. The only certain thing is that he left the onlookers wanting more.

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