Zara Fantastic Designs For August/September 2013

Zara has released its Autumn – September designs featuring Valerija Kelava and Patrycja Gardygajlo. The designs are absolutely beautiful and well styled. Such is the tartan blue and yellow coat, perfect for the colder climates. It is easy to see the superiority of the design and the way it has been made. The duo, model the newest designs that include boyish waistcoats and cowl neck sweaters. Unlike last season, skirts are flared and pleated and colors of gold and red are hot.

zara 2012 lookbook

A plain white coat looks amazing worn with a white jumper and maroon pleated skirt. The designs feature styles that could be seen in the classroom. A grey sweatshirt with a navy skirt looks similar to high school style. However, this is the fashion for August/September and it looks excellent. Styles seem plain, but not boring. Many of the designs could be worn for women who are business people. For example, a navy suit looks excellent for any business meetings.

Zara-september-lookbook-2013-2  Zara-september-lookbook-2013-3

One design looks like the colors would clash, but they look great together in a highly stylized way. I am talking about the bright blue t-shirt with the navy skirt. The light blue sweater with cowl neck looks divine with the white pleated skirt. There are even a few hats to add to the blend. This season adds some flare to the fall classics. There are also a lot of pin stripes and neutrals. A navy pin striped suit looks excellent for women that need to be dressed to impress. One pleated navy skirt even looks as though it could be worn on the tennis pitch. There are some beautiful dresses. Whilst there are some exciting designs they also quite plain. However, this is good for businesswomen who need to dress smartly. One particular design I really like is the red and navy pin striped suit.

Zara-september-lookbook-2013-4  Zara-september-lookbook-2013-5

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