“I want my daughter to look up to me when she grows up”, Zayn Malik opens up about his anxiety in his first interview after 6 years!

The famous British singer and songwriter and former One Direction Band Member, Zayn Malik, finally took the effort to appear in an interview after 6 long years. He made an appearance in CallHerDaddy Podcast on Spotify, hosted by Alex Cooper.
The special appearance was first hinted at a day ago on the official Instagram Handle of CallHerDaddy Podcast, followed by an episode a few hours later.


Zayn Malik's appearance first ever teaser

Zayn Talks About Anxiety In His Band Days

On being asked about how he deals with anxiety and how it affects his life, Zayn managed to explain how the nature of their jobs, especially the one his band days, present them in front of thousands of people, and how it is a normal place to experience anxiety since it is not a natural thing to do. He explains further how one just does not even talk to thousands of new people every day and you have to learn to adjust to that environment.

A Picture From a One Direction Performance Showcasing the Audience

He also threw light on how for generations we were not even able to point out the feeling of anxiety let alone put a finger on it but now we can overcome it.

Having My Daughter Changed Everything For Me

Zayn elucidated how certain things in life can change your perspective on things. And for him, since his daughter, Khai was born, it changed everything. Zayn tells the listeners how he only had one thing in mind, which was to be a good example to his daughter. “In terms of doing things, and I can achieve things and I can overcome things, and you can do this too“, he says.
Zayn also revealed how he felt that he had to step up as a man and a person after his daughter was born because one can’t just let feelings like anxiety take over, he tells it is one of the reasons why he did this interview in the first place. 

Zayn Talking About His Daughter on the Podcast

He wishes that once his daughter grows up she can say her dad is cool and that her dad is The Man.

I Used To Enjoy The Feeling Of Anxiety


After Alex, the show host asked if he can recall himself feeling anxious anytime before he gained popularity, Zayn disclosed he actually used to enjoy the feeling of anxiety. He elaborated on how he used to get adrenaline from the anticipation and the after feeling of the same.  He told how as a little kid, he loved to go on the stage and perform as it was a free space for him to go and be a character because it was not anything more than some little school performance, but as it became a more serious thing in his life he felt the pressure behind it and how people are gonna stare and judge at you.


Where We Lived It Was Kind Of A Bit Crazy

Zayn also revealed how he had to change where he used to live in an attempt to give his daughter a normal childhood where there were no cameras flashing their faces constantly. He said the idea of not being able to do just normal things because there were always cameras waiting to take a photo where he lived was crazy. Zayn said that raising a child in such an environment was just too very claustrophobic for him, he said that she didn’t choose this and that he avoided getting her exposure because it was a choice he made to become somebody famous.

A Photo Of The Ex-Couple Celebrating The First Birthday Of Their Daughter, Khai


Credits – CallHerDaddy Podcast
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