Zooey Deschanel calls it quits

zooey deschanel

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Celebrity divorces are happening all over the place. This time around it’s Zooey Deschanel who is calling it quits with her husband of 2 years Ben Gibbard. If you can’t recall the girl, you’ll be interested to know that she is the star of the new hit series on TV “New Girl”. 

While her husband isn’t doing too badly for himself as the lead singer of the hot group Death Cab for Cutie. But those two things to not make a match made in heaven. The person who filed the suite is Zooey herself and for some reason there was a statement there that let us all now know just how much she might be worth.

Get ready for this because for those people who barely make a living each week working hard to make it, this could be something that makes you stop and think quickly. For each month of the series she is getting around 95,000 dollars. While the expenses that she uses each month equal out 22,250 dollars. 

But wait the best thing is that she is one smart cookie, though she has three credit cards, they are not one’s that she uses. Or if she does she will pay the balance down to zero quickly. This is one star who will not be facing the tragedies of bankruptcy soon either with over 1 million in her bank account, plus investments in stocks and bonds that are worth another 1 million plus. 

So you want to know what she uses her money for each month? Groceries will usually run around 1,000 dollars, while some money is spend on fun things like the 2,000 each month she usually spends buying clothing!

Still it is sad to see yet another young couple getting a divorce after only a very short amount of time together.

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